Passion for excellence

Established in 1966 in Cremona, the first Lindenberg technological laboratory starts its production of hair sprays.
It is a time in which the market is fast-evolving.
In America, a new fixing agent is introduced which sets the example for the new way of formulating hair sprays.

As early as 1968, Lindenberg experiments with and employs - including in Italy - new resins giving hair a shiny and healthy look; these are anti-humidity hair sprays that are eliminated with one simple brush stroke.

Since then, constant technological progress has become the hallmark whereby Lindenberg continues to strengthen its position on the market and to increase the quality of its products.
The R & D unit at Lindenberg is constantly engaged in researching ways in which products can be optimised and in developing innovative formulas respectful of the person’s health and environment.
The brand new PROPOSE collection, conceived to satisfy the needs of the professional world of styling, is a cosmetic result of excellence.
The production is based in Italy. The establishment, fully integrated and managed by the company, is distinctly flexibility-oriented and focused on customer service, to satisfy the distribution of Lindenberg-branded products and to meet private-label needs.